Watch =as Portuguese authorities search a reservoir near the area where British girl Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007 for a third day.

The prime suspect in the search, Christian Brueckner, is said to have visited the area “some days” after Madeleine’s disappearance, a source close to the investigation has revealed.

Divers are also preparing to enter the reservoir in the Algarve again on Thursday (25 May).

The Barragem do Arade is around 31 miles from the Praia da Luz resort where Maddy disappeared back in 2007.

“We have indications that we could find evidence there. I don’t want to say what that is exactly, and I also don’t want to say where these indications came from,” Christian Wolters, the Braunschweig prosecutor, said of the search.

Investigators believe the 45-year-old killed Madeleine, then aged three, after abducting her from a holiday apartment.

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