Dick Cheney brands Donald Trump ‘greatest ever threat to our Republic’

Attorneys representing former president Donald Trump are reportedly in contact with the Department of Justice in hopes of shielding conversations with his former advisers from the criminal probe into his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Earlier, investigators leading the federal probe filed a lawsuit against former White House adviser Peter Navarro to recover emails relevant to its investigation into Mr Trump’s role. The emails in question were sent from Mr Navarro’s personal email account, but have been determined to be presidential records – and thus US government property.

The probe has also subpoenaed former White House counsel Pat Cipollone and his deputy Patrick Philbin. The counsel’s office is thought to have been crucial in refusing to let former president Donald Trump politicise the executive branch’s legal apparatus to secure a second term.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s children Donald Jr and Ivanka have both been deposed in another investigation, this time the New York attorney general’s long-running probe into the Trump Organization’s real estate dealings.


ICYMI: Ivanka and Donald Jr deposed in New York

Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to testify to the New York Attorney General’s probe into his business and tax affairs – but he isn’t the first member of his family to be deposed.

After their efforts to fend off a subpoena failed, the ex-president’s children Ivanka and Donald Jr have recently been separately questioned. While Mr Trump Jr deposed last Thursday, his sister’s deposition took place on Wednesday, CNN reported. Their depositions were initially scheduled for 15 July, but were postponed after their mother Ivana Trump – the former president’s first wife – died.

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Lincoln Project jumps on CPAC extremism

The Lincoln Project, a group formed by anti-Trump Republicans to rail against the former president and his agenda, has fallen out of favour somewhat since its halcyon days in the early phase of the 2020 election cycle, but it continues to put out videos laying bare the worst tendencies of the modern Trump-led Republican Party.

Its latest one, produced on a quick turnaround, riffs on CPAC’s decision to host Hungarian premier Viktor Orban.


Explainer: What if the Jan 6 committee issues a criminal referral for Trump?

Speculation continues to swirl regarding whether Donald Trump would face criminal charges resulting from the Jan 6 attack after it became clear that the select committee was laying out a case to prove his various wrongdoings.

Attention has turned in recent weeks to the committee’s chair and vice chair, who have appeared to take the opposite positions from a majority of their respective parties regarding whether the committee itself would formally call for Donald Trump’s prosecution.


Trump lawyers reportedly in contact with Justice Department over January 6 probe

Attorneys representing former president Donald Trump are reportedly in contact with the Justice Department in hopes of shielding conversations with his former advisers from the criminal probe into his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

According to CNN, Mr Trump’s lawyers have had “direct communication” with prosecutors with the Washington, DC US Attorney’s office who are working under Thomas Windom, the federal prosecutor overseeing cases related to January 6.


Democrats sue to keep Greens off North Carolina ballot

North Carolina Democrats, accused by the Green Party of meddling in its petitioning process to qualify candidates for the November ballot, have asked a state court to overturn a unanimous elections board vote granting the Green Party official recognition despite allegations of fraud.


Watch: Dick Cheney calls Trump ‘coward’ and ‘greatest ever threat to our Republic’

Dick Cheney brands Donald Trump ‘greatest ever threat to our Republic’


Trump expected to testify soon in NY civil investigation

Donald Trump could be questioned under oath in the long-running investigation by the New York attorney general into his dealings as the real estate mogul.

Top top law officer Letitia James’ office said in May that it was closing in on the end of its probe and investigators have amassed substantial evidence that could support legal action against Trump, his company or both.

Mr Trump’s deposition could be a critical moment in the probe as the former president’s company was alleged to have misled banks and tax authorities about the cost of his prized assets like golf courses and skyscrapers.

His testimony has been dubbed as one of the few remaining pieces, the attorney general’s office said.


Eastman wanted to challenge Senate election results in Georgia after Jan 6 failure

The ex-law professor who hatched former president Donald Trump’s failed plan to keep Congress from certifying his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden continued arguing for Republicans loyal to Mr Trump to press on with searches for alleged election fraud after Mr Trump’s term ended.

According to the New York Times, former Chapman University law professor John Eastman sent an email to Trump lawyer Rudolph Giuliani on 20 January 2021 — the day Mr Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States — advocating that Republicans challenge the results of the recent Georgia special elections in which Peach State voters had elected two Democratic senators.

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Trump ally and ex-journalist Kari Lake wins GOP primary for Arizona governor

Donald Trump’s ally and former news anchor Kari Lake won the Republican primary for Arizona governor yesterday, advancing the Republicans in the general election sprint.

“Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake,” the ex-journalist, who walked away from her journalism career and was welcomed warmly by Mr Trump and his supporters, said in a statement after the race was called.

The Republican candidate’s victory works against the GOP establishment which picked lawyer and businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson in a bid to overcome the tumultuous Trump era.

Ms Lake had said that she would not have approved of Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 presidential elections and backed false claims of election fraud as she campaigned.

She is set to face Democratic secretary of state Katie Hobbs in the November election, who said that the “race for governor isn’t about Democrats or Republicans but a choice between sanity and chaos”.


White House lawyers subpoenaed by Jan 6 probe grand jury

A federal grand jury investigating efforts to undo the results of the 2020 presidential election has subpoenaed the White House counsel under then-President Donald Trump and his top deputy, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The subpoenas to Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin suggest an intensifying Justice Department investigation into the events surrounding the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, when Trump loyalists stormed the building in hopes of halting the certification of election results. They also suggest that prosecutors regard close advisers to Trump as potentially vital witnesses.

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