Surveillance footage has captured the moment three gunmen opened fire on a car containing six children at a Wendy’s drive thru in Miami.

The incident unfolded at around 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon when the driver of the SUV was ordering food from the fast food joint at 25 NE 167th St in North Miami Beach.

Police said six children aged between 3 and 13 years old and related to the driver were inside the vehicle at the time.

The security camera shows three suspects suddenly emerging and ambushing the vehicle.

A suspect in a red top runs along the grassy bank opposite the car and begins shooting first.

As this suspect runs back the way they came away from the vehicle, two more suspects dressed in dark clothing also appear and appear to open fire.

Gunshots are heard ringing out in the video.

The driver’s side door opens and the driver leaps from the car onto the ground, before running forward away from the direction of the shooters.

As the driver disappears out of view, the gunmen appear to run after him and the car rolls forward out of the drive thru.

The gunfire narrowly missed all of the children, who escaped from the vehicle as it drifted across the street before coming to a halt at a nearby gas station, reported 7News.

The driver was found wounded at the gas station and was taken to hospital for treatment, where his condition is unknown.

Investigators believe he was the target of the attack.

A Wendy’s customer told 7News they “didn’t hear anything about” the incident, adding “that’s crazy”.

North Miami Beach Police Department released the footage as they appeal to the public for information. Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers or NMBPD at 949-5500.

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