A moose burst into a Canadian classroom unannounced and sparked an evacuation of children and message alerts to parents about the intruder.

The animal crashed into Sylvia Fedoruk School on Thursday, going through the “front window” of the community room, according to school officials. There were no major injuries.

Children were evacuated and authorities arrived at the school to tranquillise the moose, which was safely released into the wilderness around Saskatoon.

The school told The Independent the break-in happened before school had started, at around 9am, and that a child sustained a minor injury but did not need medical treatment.

Screenshots shared by a parent on Twitter revealed message alerts sent by Sylvia Fedoruk School, which informed parents that a “moose broke through the glass of he community room”.

A follow-up message told parents that the “moose has been tranquillised and removed”.

It took 45 minutes to remove the moose from the classroom, and conservation officers were reported as saying that the moose was in a good condition.

Ben Denis, a local resident who allegedly followed the moose being taken from Saskatoon to outside of the city, told CBC News that it was the sort of “feel good” story people needed after Covid.

“Even if there was a little bit of property damage,” he added.

It was thought to be the same moose that was caught on film stomping through Saskatoon by a parent on Thursday morning. The city is the biggest in the province of Saskatchewan.

Tweeting footage of the moose fleeing down Evergreen Boulevard, parent Sarah Paulgaard wrote: “The girls and I had an exciting walk to school this morning.”

“Overhearing the school intercom about 5 minutes after this. Apparently the moose has made it INTO the school?! Poor little guy!”

The school said lessons resumed later on Thursday, and that “we are incredibly grateful that all students and staff members are safe.”

Praising the school, one parent wrote on Facebook: “Loud claps for the teachers and administrators for handling this so well. Constant communication with us parents and keeping all the kids so calm!”

Others suggested a second moose had been on the loose in the area, but this remains unconfirmed.

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