House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said the House will vote to send the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill supported by President Biden to his desk and approve a rule for debate on his signature Build Back Better Act.

“In order to make progress on the President’s vision it is important that we advance the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better Act today,” Ms Pelosi wrote in a Friday afternoon letter to House Democrats.

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework rule and debate have already happened.  Now, we will bring to the Floor the BIF and a rule for consideration of the Build Back Better Act”.

Ms Pelosi’s announcement capped hours of negotiations between and among House leadership, moderate Democrats and members of the House Progressive Caucus, the latter of whom had pushed for the lower chamber to vote on final passage of both bills at the same time.

Because a number of moderate House Democrats have refused to vote for the Build Back Better Act until the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office provides a final “score” of the legislation’s budgetary impact, passing the rule for debate on the bill will allow it to be brought to the House floor without delay once that process is complete.

Asked whether he had the votes to pass both the infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better rule for debate, House Majority Leader expressed confidents that enough of his Democratic colleagues would support both measures for both to pass.

“I hope everybody will vote for it, and I think if everybody votes today, we will move forward and I think we will pass both bills,” Mr Hoyer said.

New York Representative Mondaire Jones, a freshman member of the Progressive Caucus, told The Independent: “I think we should vote on both the Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill,” but he would not say whether he would support leadership’s plans to bring the bipartisan legislation up for a vote before the Build Back Better Act.

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