The 76th edition of the festival, taking place from May 16 to May 27, has seen Cannes’ usual population triple to 230,000 people to watch films, rub shoulders with celebrities, and – in some cases – compete for the coveted Palme D’Or.

Gaillard, who is retiring after this festival, was there for Reuters, snapping Michael Douglas pointing at the camera with a cheeky grin and a besuited Harrison Ford receiving an Honorary Palme D’Or.

Eric Gaillard talks to Reuters about his experience photographing Cannes Film Festival over forty years. 1st photograph REUTERS/Vincent Kessler, 2nd photograph courtesy of Valery Hache, all other photographs REUTERS/Eric Gaillard.

He was there in 1997 when Michael Jackson was in attendance, in 2008 when Diego Maradona showed off soccer tricks, and in 2018 when Kristen Stewart kicked off her heels on the red carpet.

A shot from the 48th edition of the festival in 1995 shows a disarmingly young Johnny Depp, while a black-and-white photo from 1987 depicts a tanned, bejeweled Liz Taylor with one-time flame George Hamilton.

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