The FBI has conducted multiple searches of people tied to the conservative political group Project Veritas, part of a probe into how parts of President Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary were disclosed to the public without her consent in the final days of the 2020 election.

Justice Department agents conducted two searches on Thursday in the New York City area, The New York Times reported, citing two unnamed sources with familiarity in the matter.

In October, Ms Biden reported multiple personal items stolen in a burglary to federal authorities, including the diary.

A conservative website later published dozens of its handwritten pages.

Project Veritas, a right-wing group known for its use of undercover video recordings, maintains it is an investigative media outlet, while a federal judge ruled in October it wasn’t out of line for the subjects of one such sting to call the group a “political spying operation.”

The Independent is reaching out to Project Veritas for comment.

More details to follow on this breaking news story.

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