An Australian parliament member, Tim Smith, has apologised but has not said he will quit politics after a drink-driving crash.

Mr Smith, the Liberal MP for Kew in east Melbourne, was almost three times above the legal alcohol limit when he crashed his car into a family home in Hawthorn, Melbourne on Sunday.

His license was immediately suspended and he was reportedly fined by the police. Mr Smith, 38, said the police have not yet indicated whether there will be any further charges.

He told 3AW Radio Australia on Wednesday: “It was the worst decision of my life.”

The MP has since resigned from his position as shadow attorney general and his party leader, Matthew Guy, said Mr Smith had no future in the party while he is leader.

Mr Smith has said he is deeply sorry, and described his actions as “shameful”, “stupid” and “embarrassing”.

The 38-year-old said he had drank a few glasses of wine at a friend’s house and was unaware how intoxicated he was as he had not eaten much the day.

When driving home, Mr Smith swerved to miss a braking driver, then clipped his car and crashed into the home.

He said he is not an alcoholic but has “consumed too much alcohol on many occasions” and suggested he may quit drinking while in public life.

Mr Smith has said he is taking time to reflect on his political career and whether he will remain in politics.

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