A bride’s father stopped as he walked his daughter down the aisle to include her stepfather in the wedding.

Kelsey Griffith shared video footage of the emotional moment her dad took her stepdad by the arm and asked him to be involved, which has now been watched by more than 5.5 million times on Tik Tok and Instagram.

The video starts with Ms Griffith walking down the aisle slowly with her father on her arm as guests watch on.

But when the pair get halfway down the aisle they stopped, and her father reached out towards her stepfather, Andy, who appeared to think he was getting a handshake.

But Kelsey and her dad pulled him towards them and the bride locked arms with both of her fathers, before they continued down the aisle.

“My dad surprised my step dad by asking him to join us in our walk down the aisle. We had kept it a secret until the ceremony, so everyone was surprised when we included him,” wrote Ms Griffith.

“My stepdad, Andy, has helped raise me since I was nine years old, so he deserved a little moment of recognition on our wedding day.

“It was an incredibly sweet and humble gesture to include him and I’m beyond proud of my dad for doing so. Swipe for the sweetest video!”

Social media users were quick to celebrate the heartfelt moment.

“Life is just so much easier without the drama. I don’t know why people choose to have constant conflict in their lives and messy co-parenting relationships,” one Redditor wrote after it was posted there.

“That truly is proof of two great dads,” remarked another user.

“So classy! Great job, dads, for making your girl’s day even more special,” added another Redditor.

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