Jake Paul has revealed Tyson Fury is sending mocking voice messages to him on Instagram ahead of Paul’s fight with Tyson’s brother Tommy Fury.

Youtuber-turned-boxer Paul and former Love Island star Tommy Fury will go head to head in Florida on 18 December in a fight which has seen plenty of pre-bout talk sent in both directions. And Paul has told TMZ Sports how heavyweight world champion Tyson has been getting in on the act too.

“We’re coming for you Jakey boy, you’re getting annihilated Jakey!” Tyson Fury could be heard saying in the message played by Paul from his phone.

“We’re going back and forth in the DMs right now, me and Tyson, sending each other voice messages,” Paul said. “It’s pretty funny. I’m calling his brother a squid, he’s saying he’s going to annihilate me. It’s amazing bro, you can’t hate the guy, I want to make that clear to everybody, I love Tyson, I love that he’s involved, he’s a great entertainer.

“I just have to end his brother’s career, unfortunately, that’s just the way it is, but after me and Tyson can still be friends, it’s all good.”

John Fury, the father of the family, said recently that Paul’s camp had made “bizarre” requests in the fight contract, and Paul claims that the deal states Tommy Fury must change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’ should he lose.

“He will have to change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’, his family said they are going to disown him,” Paul added. “That’s it for him, he says he wants to be a world champion but if he gets beat by me it’s ‘see you later’.

“Luckily for Tommy, he’s good looking, he can just go into modelling or back to reality TV no harm no foul.”

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