Asda is the latest retailer to unveil its 2021 Christmas advert, which follows the life of a mother and her family in the lead up to Christmas day.

The campaign, which will premiere on Friday, 5 November, showcases the supermarket’s Christmas food range.

This includes a chocolate orange dessert, blood orange and gin smoked salmon, and a range of party food platters.

The advert opens with a woman entering an Asda store, accompanied by her partner and two children.

Asda unveils its 2021 Christmas advert


As they make their way through the store, she looks down and her shoes transform into gold ice skates.

The backdrop changes, and the family – now all on skates – dance through a number of different social settings including the school nativity play and the office Christmas party, before sitting down at the table for lunch on Christmas day.

Asda said it created the advert in the hope that it would highlight the importance of “all the little moments that make the Christmas season so special”.

At one point, a person on ice skates enters the Christmas day gathering carrying Asda’s large “Extra Special Chocolate Orange Bauble”.

Asda unveils its 2021 Christmas advert


The desert has been moulded with Belgian dark chocolate and filled with layers of blood orange curd, chocolate sponge and a chocolate and caramel mousse.

Meghan Farren, chief customer officer at Asda, said the supermarket had include all of the festivities that were missed last year due to the pandemic.

“We didn’t just miss the opportunity to enjoy Christmas dinner together last year – we missed the school plays and the work nights out,” Farren said.

“This year we want to help our customers make every moment spectacular. ‘Asda on Ice’ takes everyday moments and turns them into a beautiful performance – and that is just the kind of magic we want to bring our customers this year.”

The ice skating was choreographed by Dancing On Ice champion Daniel Whiston and set to a reimagined version of Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro” – the world-famous music Torvill and Dean danced to at the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Asda joins a host of other retailers who have released their Christmas adverts this week, including John Lewis, Boots, Disney and Marks & Spencer.

Marks & Spencer’s Christmas food campaign featured Spiderman actor Tom Holland as the voice of the supermarket’s iconic Percy Pig character.

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