A handful of creators are in Qatar, or heading there in the next few weeks, to help capture the best moments from the 2022 World Cup.

YouTube has tapped 11 creators to produce Shorts that document their experiences at the international sporting event.

The platform said in a blog post published Monday that highlights from the matches will also appear on the official YouTube channel for FIFA, the international governing body for soccer.

This year’s World Cup, which has been shrouded in controversy, kicked off Sunday. The competition runs through Dec. 18.

Here’s a look at the influencers providing updates to their followers from festivities and games on the ground.

Donald de la Haye (deestroying)

Donald De la Haye is no sports novice. The Costa Rican-American creator played college football with the UCF Knights of the University of Central Florida.

He stopped playing the sport in 2017. He said in a YouTube video that the NCAA deemed him ineligible and he lost his football scholarship after he “refused to demonetize” his videos.

Now, he has amassed almost 5 million followers on YouTube. In a Short posted earlier this week, de la Haye captured his dad’s reaction when he told him they’re going to the World Cup.

“So being born and raised in Costa Rica, me and my family have always been huge Costa Rica soccer fans,” he says in the video. “Every World Cup … faithfully, we sit and home and support our team.”

The video transitions to footage of his dad sitting on the couch after he tells him, “Guess what? I got us tickets. We’re going.”

“You’re joking,” his dad said in response.

“I’m serious,” de la Haye said. “Pack your bags.”

Jesse Riedel (jesser)

Riedel, who has over 9.4 million subscribers on YouTube, is known for his sports-related challenge videos. He’s known for doing stunts such as playing 100 different sports in 24 hours and doing free-throw competitions with professional basketball players.

Tied to the World Cup, Riedel posted a Short to his channel challenging spectators and fellow YouTubers to do as many kick ups with a soccer ball as they can.

The creator said it’s been “so much fun” to watch the countries battle it out for the top prize.

“I’m thrilled to be at the World Cup and have the opportunity to share soccer, or as the rest of the world says football, with my US viewers that love sports but haven’t yet gotten into this sport. We thought NFL fans go crazy for their teams but nothing like this,” he wrote in an email.

The Cheeky Boyos

Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell, the duo behind Cheeky Boyos, called attending the world’s largest sporting event “an absolute dream.”

“With YouTube Shorts, we’re documenting our entire experience in real time,” they said in an email. “From predicting the winner to engaging with other soccer fans like in our ‘rating strangers goals’ Short, we are capturing the World Cup from multiple perspectives that we know will resonate with our more than 2 million subscribers. We are so excited to continue to bring the on-the-ground energy to people watching at home.” 

The comedy pair, who have over 2 million followers on YouTube, recently posted a Short to their channel asking fans in Qatar which soccer star they prefer: Messi or Ronaldo?

Noor Naim (NoorStars)

Noor Naim is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East with over 19.7 million subscribers. She is known for her food and shopping challenges, lifestyle content and vlogs.

Naim posted a Short showing off her travel essentials for her trip to Qatar, including a casual outfit, her makeup bag and snacks. She shared another Short detailing her match predictions.

Rima Alosta

Rima Alosta is a creator who posts gaming videos on YouTube, where she has over 7 million subscribers. She also shares lifestyle and beauty content on Instagram.

She recently posted a Short with her cat, who appeared to help her decide whether she should attend the opening of the tournament or the final.

Alosta ended up going to the opening matches and posted clips from a game she attended on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

Amr Nassouhy (Saba7oKorah)

Amr Nassouhy makes soccer commentary videos for his 2.4 million subscribers. He will be making exclusive content for YouTube Shorts during the semifinal and final, according to YouTube.

Nassouhy appears to be in Qatar already and posted snippets from the Morocco versus Croatia match on his Instagram Story. He also made a Short from the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer, who has over 9 million YouTube subscribers, makes stunt and challenge videos, often in collaboration with his former girlfriend Lizzy Capri. The two are a part of Team RAR, a collective of creators that makes “rare and ridiculous content.”

Sharer posted a Short ahead of his trip to the finals in which he attempted to jump as high as Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lizzy Capri

Similar to Sharer, Lizzy Capri makes challenge videos and collaborates often with other members of Team RAR for her 6.3 million YouTube subscribers. She posted a Short asking people who they believe would win the World Cup in exchange for $1. According to YouTube, she will be attending the final match.

“I’m hoping to capture the excitement and energy within the crowd and show a more first person view of going to the World Cup to share a more personal experience where the viewers can feel like they attended alongside me!” she said in an email.

Hassan Suleiman (AboFlah)

Hassan Suleiman, who has 27.2 million subscribers on YouTube, posts challenge and gaming content. He has broken two Guinness World Records, one for longest livestream and another for amassing the most viewers on a YouTube charity stream. He is expected to attend and create content at the World Cup finals, but he also posted a Short for Tuesday’s game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmad Aburob

Ahmad Aburob is a YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers who makes food, tech and lifestyle challenge videos. He will be filming from the semifinal and final matches, but made a comedic Short with his World Cup predictions.

Luis Enrique (on Twitch)

YouTubers aren’t the only ones making content.

Spain’s team manager, Luis Enrique, has been providing commentary about his and his team’s time in Qatar fans on Twitch.

“Streamers of the world, stand back, I’m going downhill and without brakes,” Luis Enrique said in a video posted on Twitter earlier this week.

His streams have garnered over 3 million views since the tournament started Sunday.

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